Shipping & Delivery

Package Delivery

According to the purchased product payment type;

Products purchased with online payment (Credit and Debit card) method are sent by courier within 24-48 hours during working days. Average delivery times are delivered within 2-4 days depending on the cargo density.

This period is the exit time of the product from our warehouse, our company cannot be held responsible for the delays caused by the cargo companies, your company tries all suitable ways for easy transportation by providing communication between the Cargo-Customer with the principle of increasing the service quality.

For purchases made by wire transfer method, it is sent to the cargo within 1-3 business days after the payment is transferred to our accounts.

The purchased product is delivered to the address in line with the information provided by the customer. If the customer cannot be found at the address, they go to the address again after 1-2 days. If the customer cannot be reached after this application, the package is transferred to the CARGO BRANCH/CENTER and the customer is informed through communication channels.

After this process, the package is received by the customer from the BRANCH/CENTER, in case the customer requests delivery to the address, the CARGO company reserves the right to charge a fee and this fee is borne by the customer.

NOTE: If you are not at your address during the delivery time, you must receive your order from the CARGO BRANCH.